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National University of Singapore x L'Institut d'Études Politiques de Bordeaux
Singapore x Bordeaux
  • Last days of 2014 in Singapore.

    A much delayed gratitude for the people God has thoroughly blessed me with.

    Also, a prelude to more trips down memory lane - until next time, 4 August in Paris.

  • 10 things to remember and to be grateful for in the busy month of September.

    Bordeaux, tu me rends sentir comme je suis chez moi; une deuxième maison que je n’ai jamais eu.

  • Watch this space…

    You heard right.

  • And so I tried Jux, a new blog platform that anchors on image sharing and a growing community that hinges on the repost function akin to Tumblr, and it is quite a simple online interface with little customisable features. 

    I still prefer Tumblr although it is effortless to make contemporary and minimalist pages with Jux. Tumblr to me still triumphs for it’s customisability and the vast community. Although, Tumblr has a thing or two to grapple with regarding to image sharing and presentation of HD images.

    If only I picked up coding…

  • mishasminions:





    God bless America,
    Every single one of these sounds like they were made by a stoned teenager.

    double down contains like 2000 calories omfg

    has science gone too far

    someone send some of these to my house ASAP


    (via wanderinghoglet)